Wendi Peters returns to Coronation Street and reveals to Soaplife that Cilla Battersby Brown can’t understand why her kids aren’t thrilled to see her…

So, where has Cilla been for six years?
“In Wolverhampton! Not very glamorous, is it? She left Weatherfield for Las Vegas and then went to South Africa. But for the most part it seems she’s been just down the M6!”

Why is she back?
“Fiz [Jennie McAlpine] and Ches [Sam Aston] immediately suspect she’s not just back to see them and her grandchildren. They’re not exactly pleased to see their long-lost mum. They know what Cilla’s like and the way she works.”

And are they right?
“She’s genuinely pleased to see her grandchildren – especially little Joseph, who quickly becomes the apple of her eye. But there is another reason for her return…”

“You’ll have to wait and see! All I can say is that she’s not entirely the woman she was and is in for a very hard time where her family are concerned. Even when she’s telling the truth, they think she’s lying to them because she’s done that so many times before.”

Will Cilla be around for long?
“Several weeks. It was quite a shock when the call came through from my agent, saying, ‘I’ve just had Corrie on the phone’. I’d put Cilla to bed and moved on. It was a pleasant shock, though. It’s lovely to be back.”

What if the Corrie bosses want Cilla to stay permanently?
“‘Never Say Never’ is my motto. You never know what’s going to happen in the future.”

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