Coronation Street actress Katie McGlynn says that when Cilla Battersby-Brown returns to the cobbles she’ll use Sinead Tinker to get to her estranged son Chesney.

Katie plays Sinead, the girlfriend of Chesney Brown (Sam Aston), and revealed that when his mum, Cilla, made her comeback to Weatherfield, she would have a plan to bond with Sinead.

She told the Daily Star: “Cilla comes back and shakes things up. It will be interesting for viewers as she knows how Chesney feels about her.

“[Chesney and sister Fiz Stape] are cross about being abandoned and shocked she’s back. Chesney had a tough childhood and he and Fiz are right to be angry, thinking she’s here to scrounge off them or be devious.”

Katie continued: “And Cilla is hiding a huge secret. Cilla normally wants something, but she does have a reason to be back. Chesney has given up on her. He’s never had much faith in her.

“So Cilla uses Sinead to get to Chesney and to communicate through her which means she becomes tangled up in it all.”

She added that there would be more to come from the Tinker family, too: “We’ve only touched a little bit on [Sinead’s] other family. We know that Beth’s her auntie but as it unfolds her whole family are basically bonkers. So there’s a lot more to explore there.”

Katie also said she would like Sinead to have a style overhaul: “It would be good if the other girls gave Sinead a makeover. Just for one day.

“I would get the extensions, the eyelashes and fake tan out. But I’d end up in leopard print and a feather boa looking like her Auntie Beth. Sinead is a quiet girl and I did worry about being either a bit dowdy or a Beth mini-me. But now I really like her style.

“I look at the other girls like Cath Tyldesley, who plays Eva, and they have to sit for ages in make-up to get glammed up and stay in high heels all day. This way I get more of a lie-in in the morning I suppose.”