Cilla Black has revealed she would “die happy” if she had the chance to be on Coronation Street.

The Liverpudlian TV star has been a massive fan of the soap since it was first broadcast 50 years ago.

She told the Sun: “My life’s ambition would be to be an extra on an episode. The offer hasn’t been forthcoming yet unfortunately, but I would absolutely love it if I could.

“To say I’ve been in Coronation Street, well, I would die happy.”

Explaining her love affair with the show, Cilla said it was the first time she saw characters on television she could identify with.

“This was at a time when TV was in black and white and everyone on it either talked terribly posh or, if they had a regional accent, then it was Cockney.

“This was when newsreaders would wear a black jacket and bow tie. So we were absolutely gobsmacked to see ordinary, northern people in a show.

“‘My God,’ we thought, ‘we’ve been recognised at last. Not everyone talks like the Queen or Barbara Windsor’.”

Coronation Street marks its 50th anniversary with a week of special episodes, which will feature a tram crash and a live transmission.