Corrie’s Connie Hyde: ‘Sally is stunned when Gina reveals she’s her troll’

Gina Seddon tells sister Sally Metcalfe that she is her internet troll – and then she disappears. Actress Connie Hyde explains what's going on…

Since Sally Metcalfe reconnected with Gina Seddon, she’s done all she can for her fallen-on-hard-times little sister in Corrie… and Gina’s now full of guilt. So she admits to Sally that she was her internet troll, blaming the medication for her Bipolar condition. Will Sally ever forgive her?

Actress Connie Hyde (Gina) gives her insights…

How does Gina feel when she thinks she is to blame for the internet trolling?
“Gina loves Sally and to find out she might have done this is devastating. It’s also quite frightening because it shows a complete lack of control when she thought she was in control of her medicine. The last thing she would want is to hurt her sister because she’s not vindictive and she’s very vulnerable herself.”

What’s Sally’s reaction to Gina’s confession?
“Sally’s more stunned than angry, but Gina hates herself for what she’s put her sister through. She genuinely loves Sally. It’s this that causes her to go AWOL.”

Where does she go?
“Gina just goes missing. It’s the horror of the pain that she’s caused, coupled with her lack of self-esteem. Then there’s the depression because of her illness. Gina thinks everyone else is better off without her.”

She has quite a complicated relationship with Sally, doesn’t she?
“They used to be very similar, but Sally left that family environment and Gina feels a bit abandoned. It’s a bit of a love/hate relationship. Gina helped Sally with her cancer and they’ve seen each other over the years. It’s more through Gina’s insecurity about her life not going so well that she lost contact with her sister.”

What about Gina’s daughter, Leah?
“They have a complicated relationship, too. Leah thinks she’s responsible for Gina, and Gina thinks she’s bringing up Leah. She knows she’s not a great role model, but she’s put a roof over her daughter’s head. Gina also feels guilty about the fact that sometimes Leah is her carer, but she doesn’t see it like Leah sees it.”


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