Corrie villain Pat Phelan turns hero when he rescues Anna Windass!

Corrie star Connor McIntyre says 'the wolf is on the loose' as Phelan uses Anna's misfortune to his own end

As the New Year dawns, Corrie’s arch manipulator Pat Phelan has everyone just where he wants them. Connor McIntyre reveals all to Soaplife…

Why does Anna have reason to be grateful to Phelan?
Anna falls down the stairs on New Year’s Eve while babysitting Kevin Webster’s son, Jack. She loses consciousness and Jack wanders into street where Phelan finds him. The boy tells Phelan that Anna’s had an accident so Phelan breaks down the door.”

What a stroke of luck for him!
“It’s just poetic… Phelan’s occupying the space he loves, where people are caught between a rock and a hard place.”

How does Anna react at seeing him there?
“There’s no love lost between them and she tells him to go. But, very quickly, he realises there’s an opportunity here to not only get the upper hand, but to appear to be the good guy, too.”

Kevin gets home after a call out… Would Anna have been in danger if Kev hadn’t turned up?
“No, this is just a heroic act from Pat Phelan. Those who don’t really know him will hear this story of him playing the martyr over the stories of him being a monster.“

Meanwhile, he’s blackmailing Andy Carver… is Phelan convinced he can keep him on side?
“Phelan thinks the world revolves around him, but it’s just about finding the switches for any particular person and, with Andy, it’s about operating in a certain way. Phelan is using circumstances as an opportunity to gain the advantage.”

He threatens Andy with hurting Steph… Is he just bluffing?
“It’s not Phelan’s first port of call to be physically violent. He’d rather be manipulative. He’s not afraid to use violence, but I don’t think he would… unless Steph proved to be as problematic as, say, Anna.”

Then there is Eileen Grimshaw… is the wedding still on?
“Things are good with Eileen and their marriage is still on. Phelan’s again manipulated the situation to his benefit, so he’s very happy because everything is cooking along nicely.”

Has the public reaction changed since Phelan left Michael for dead?
“We’ve crossed the rubicon with Phelan. We’ve had an insight into what makes him tick, so I think people are horrified and excited at the same time. The wolf is on the loose!”


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