Connor McIntyre warns Phelan on the ropes is a very dangerous proposition in Coronation Street

Kidnapper Pat Phelan is keeping Andy Carver locked up in a cellar but time is running out in more ways than one. Actor Connor McIntyre explains why the pressure is on…

It turns out Pat Phelan didn’t do away with Andy Carver in Coronation Street after all, but has been keeping him locked up in a cellar all this time!

“I thought it was fantastic and very exciting when I learned that Phelan hadn’t killed Andy,” actor Connor McIntyre told Soaplife. But what happens now?

Why didn’t Phelan kill Andy like we all thought he had?
“In a warped way, he was thinking ‘I won’t kill him. I’ll take him away and, maybe, like Michael Rodwell, he’ll just expire and my hands will be clean!’ In the meantime, Phelan’s been caring for Andy. Phelan has narcissistic personality disorder and he’s a guy whose relationships are all about power. What’s happening with Andy is all about power.”

We now know Phelan’s black eye is connected to Andy. Do you like the fact there have been all these clues and no one’s realised?
“It’s absolutely brilliant! People have been saying, ‘Have I missed an episode? Where did that come from?’ Plus there’s been the random shopping bags from Freshcos that never turned up at Eileen’s. It’s just really clever stuff and, when that penny drops, it’s the pay off.”

Is Nicola the fly in the ointment for Phelan because she’s making him think about his actions?
“Yes. The writers have done a fantastic job at creating this multi-layered character. Now we get to hear and see Pat Phelan out of the box and what he can be, which prepares the road for what is coming.”

Is Phelan in panic mode?
“No doubt. Nicola knows about the house and that he’s up to something. Now she knows, it’s likely Eileen is going to know because they’re making up a tag team. Then some other things start to happen with Andy so the pressure is starting to build.”

And a Phelan on the ropes is dangerous, isn’t he?
“Yes, absolutely! He’ll start thinking in very abstract terms now and thinking ‘OK. Something has to be done. What do we do? We need to talk about Andy…’ He’ll be in a mirror with himself discussing what the options are.”

Phelan digs a hole in his garden… is he capable of murdering Andy?
“That would be the nuclear option and I think Phelan would do everything to avoid that. If he can slide round it, he will. But it’s bubbling to the surface. Something needs to happen to resolve this…”

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