Coronation St: ‘Andrea’s stuck between two men,’ reveals Hayley Tamaddon

Coronation Street’s Hayley Tamaddon tells Soaplife that Andrea pleads with Lloyd to take her back… But will he? And will her husband let her go?

Andrea’s double life completely unravels when broken-hearted Lloyd (Craig Charles) learns she’s married. He says he wants no more to do with her, but Andrea’s desperate for him to forgive her and take her back. “Andrea does everything she can think of to win Lloyd back and prove to him how much he means to her. She tells him over and over how much she loves him, says she’ll move in with him immediately, commit completely to him, do whatever he wants,” Hayley tells Soaplife.

But Andrea’s husband Neil (William Travis) refuses to accept their marriage is over…

Andrea can’t be surprised by Lloyd’s reaction to her deception…
“When she let herself think about it, she knew he’d be incredibly hurt and betrayed when he found out. She’s been burying her head in the sand. She was always going to have to face up to the fact she’s married. Andrea’s been lying for so long she’s got herself in a right mess. She knew how upset Lloyd would be so didn’t tell him, and the longer it went on and the closer they became, the harder it got.”

What about Neil?
“She never wanted to hurt Neil, either – he’s a good man – but, for her, the marriage was over ages ago. She’s been hoping he feels the same but he doesn’t. Neil’s still in love with Andrea and wants to fight for her. Andrea’s mind is made up, though. She wants to be with Lloyd. She arrives in the Street with her suitcase, hoping Lloyd will forgive her and let her move in with him. It was what he wanted before he found about Neil.”

Is it still what he wants?
“It doesn’t look like it. Lloyd’s adamant there’s no going back for them. Andrea’s heartbroken and appeals to Steve for help, which puts him in a bit of an awkward situation because he wants to help Andrea but he’s also Lloyd’s best friend.”

Uh-oh. Steve’s just been there with the whole Peter-Tina affair. Is he going to get more grief?
“Funny you should ask that… Neil gets it completely wrong and thinks Steve is the other man in Andrea’s life, until Lloyd walks in and corrects him. Then Andrea is stuck between two men, who, until very recently, knew nothing about each other.”

Could Andrea end up alone?
“Yes. She feels she has no chance of winning Lloyd back but she doesn’t want Neil back because it’s Lloyd she loves.”

Should Lloyd forgive her?
“Absolutely! I’m hoping that’s what the public will want as well, once they see the breakdown and the heartache. We all make mistakes. It’s hard to come clean when you’re so scared of hurting the people you love with the truth.”

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