Coronation St scraps scenes as cast fall ill

Coronation Street bosses have been forced to scrap scenes and alter filming schedules after several cast members fell ill, according to the papers.

The Sun reports that Kym Ryder – who plays barmaid Michelle Connor,- recently missed a day’s filming due to illness while actor Johnny Dixon, who plays Darryl Morton, called in sick last Friday.

And they’re not the only ones. Simon Gregson – aka Rovers Return landlord Steve McDonald – and Ryan Thomas, who stars as Jason Grimshaw, have both been laid low by sickness recently.

Ryan was struck down with laryngitis and had to take two days off while a mystery bug kept Simon off work for a fortnight, forcing producers to change filming schedules and drop some scenes altogether.

“They’re dropping like flies,” an insider told the paper, “it’s more like Sickie Street these days and the bosses are getting worried.”

A spokesperson for the show confirmed that several scenes had been dropped due to illness among the cast.