Coronation St star Alan: ‘Lucy and I never fight’

Coronation Street‘s Alan Halsall has revealed his love life is nothing like that of his soap alter-ego Tyrone Dobbs.

Unlike the hapless mechanic, who he has played for over 13 years, the 29-year-old is happily married to former co-star Lucy-Jo Hudson in real life – and they rarely argue.

“We are not in any way like Tyrone and Kirsty. Neither of us really wears the trousers,” he told The Sun.

“We don’t fight at all. We have a really easy relationship and we never get to the point of arguments. I’m laid-back about most things and Lucy is very placid. We’ve only had one argument and that wasn’t even much of a fight.”

Alan admitted it was love at first sight, but Lucy-Jo – who portrayed wild child Katie Harris, and has recently returned to her role in Wild At Heart – didn’t want to date a Coronation Street castmate.

“I’d always fancied her, but she wouldn’t really date anyone she worked with. We got on as friends and when she found out she was leaving, we started going out,” he said.

On screens, Tyrone is set to propose to policewoman girlfriend Kirsty Soames after finding out she’s pregnant, despite their relationship being tempestuous.

“He’s a loving guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and even though Kirsty is unstable at times, there is a genuine love between them,” said Alan.

Tyrone’s first marriage to the late Molly didn’t have a fairytale ending, as she cheated on him with Kevin Webster. She also revealed Kev was baby Jack’s dad.