Coronation Street’s Michael Le Vell reveals Kevin’s terrified Sally knows everything about his affair with Molly…

What will Sally find when she goes over the garage accounts?

“Kevin’s scared because he’s told her he’s been going out on breakdown calls when really he’s been secretly meeting Molly. And he and Molly have been putting expenses from their motels through the books as all sorts of miscellaneous claims. But there aren’t loads of call-out jobs in the books…”

Yet he goes off to the motel for another sex session with Molly… Is he mad?

“He can’t resist spending time with Molly. It’s like a drug and as long as he thinks he can keep it a secret he’ll keep taking the risk.”

Sally leaves a furious message on Kevin’s mobile phone… Does he fear his number’s up?

“Kevin and Molly realise Sally’s been calling them both on their mobiles and they start to panic. The voicemail on Kevin’s phone tells him to get back asap because he’s got a lot of explaining to do. Kevin’s terrified.”

What happens when he gets home?

“He heads back expecting it all to come out and Sally says, ‘How could you do it to me?’ He’s about to confess when he realises she’s just angry about the state the books are in – she can’t find the breakdown entries and there are too many ‘sundries.’ She blames Molly and Kevin goes along with it.”

They’ve had a narrow escape… but will it stop the affair?

“Not at all. Kevin’s totally in lust with Molly and thinks he’s in love. I think he’s having a mid-life crisis.”

Is he going to leave Sally for Molly?

“He’s told Molly he needs to wait, but I think he’d have done it already if he really cared for her.”

We’ve heard Sally will get breast cancer… Will Kevin stand by her?

“I really feel that he would. And he’d finish the affair with Molly.”

Is it true Molly will get pregnant?

“Their future isn’t down to me. It’s in the writers’ hands. But I know they have lots of exciting twists planned…”

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