Coronation Street newcomer Paula Lane has confessed that she is still sporting bruises after filming a scrap with co-star Katherine Kelly.

The 24-year-old has joined the soap as Kylie, the tearaway half-sister of Katherine’s character, Becky McDonald.

Speaking to New! magazine about her character, Paula said: “She’s a very messed up girl. She was dragged up by an alcoholic mother so she has had to fight for survival. When she first comes onto the show, she and Becky have a proper fight.”

And it seems as though poor Paula is still suffering the consequences.

She went on: “I’ve still got the bruises! Kate really gives it some, and when we shot the scene where we fight, she just said, ‘Let’s go for it!’ So we did.”

Kylie hits screens after Becky learns that her sibling wrecked the McDonalds’ adoption plans with a bad reference.

Paula was working as a salesgirl at famous department store, Harrods, when she learned she had landed a part in the soap.

“When my agent told me I’d got the job, I nearly fell to the floor,” she said.

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