Coronation Street bombshell: ‘I slept with someone,’ Alya tells Gary. And he explodes…

Coronation Street actress Sair Khan has been hinting at what will happen when her character, Alya, tells fiancé Gary that she cheated on him in next week’s episodes…

“Alya’s been really feeling the pressure about keeping the secret of what she’s done with Jason [Ryan Thomas],” says Sair. “She made a massive mistake. She wants to marry Gary [Mikey North]. She really loves him. She just wants to run away and forget everything.”

But she doesn’t. A shock development with her grandparents force her to stay and confess all.

“It looks like Gary’s on board with Alya’s plans to elope but then the Nazirs come in with a big bombshell: Sharif [Marc Anwar] offers Gary a percentage share in the gym!,” Sair reveals.

Sharif shocks Gary by offering him a share in the family business


“This just adds to the pressure on Alya and she decides she needs to tell Gary. There’s no more hiding – the truth will out,” adds Sair.

Gary thinks Alya’s upset because she believes he’ll fail at the gym…

“I swear I’m going to make a go of it,” he tells Alya.

“It’s not you,” Alya sobs.

Yep, that old line…

“I slept with someone,” Alya blurts out.

A tearful, fearful Alya confesses to Gary


“Gary can’t believe it,” says Sair. “It’s the last thing he expects… And he goes back to the old Gary Windass.”

The one with a violent temper…

“And he explodes,” Sair confirms.

Gary’s furious and has just one question: “Who was it?”


“Alya tries to apologise but all Gary wants to know is: who was it?”

Tune in to Coronation Street on ITV, Thursday, October 29, to find out how Alya answers Gary’s question.

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