It’s puppy love as Coronation Street celebrates National Puppy Day!

If you're a puppy fan - and who's not? - then you'll love this snap for National Puppy Day

Coronation Street has celebrated National Puppy Day by taking a picture of these three very cute pooches just outside the Rovers – the show’s Eccles, David and Peanut!

Corrie sent out a message saying, “So can we just spend all day just playing with these three, right…?”

And, not surprisingly given how adorable the trio are, fans are delighted. “Aaaw, now that’s cute,” commented one, another wrote “Omg there so adorable and beautiful,” while another suggested filming should be cancelled for the day so everyone could play with the puppies!

Another said, “Loving Eccles! Gorgeous!”

Meanwhile, some viewers were wondering where Steve McDonald’s pet, Rover, was.

Rover is played by Simon Gregson’s [who plays Steve] dog Cookie.

Coronation Street star Simon Gregson: ‘Cookie is not like any Jack Russell you’ll ever meet’

Simon recently told us about Cookie: “Cookie is not like any Jack Russell you’ll ever meet. She’s very soft and gentle, and lets the kids do anything to her.

“She’s my shadow around the house, to the point that I’ve nearly broken my neck several times, tripping over her.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV.