Coronation Street couple hit by credit crunch

Coronation Street couple Ashley and Claire Peacock are apparently set to share a problem with many real-life viewers when they are hit by the ‘credit crunch’.

The Weatherfield regulars, played by Steven Arnold and Julia Haworth, will reportedly fall prey to the troubled economic climate in a topical storyline for the soap.

A source told The Sun: “We keep our storylines current. People who are experiencing similar problems will identify with the plot.”

Later this month, viewers will discover that the couple have been raiding their savings to keep their business, Ashley’s beloved butcher’s shop, in the black.

But the reality of their situation really hits home when Claire’s credit card is declined in the middle of a store.

She wastes no time calling up the bank to get to the bottom of the problem – and it’s then that she finds out the extent of their problems.

The bank tells her the card is over its limit – and the current account has been wiped out too.

Shamefaced Ashley tells her: “I’ll arrange a new limit and everything will be OK.”

But, just like in real life, their bank won’t increase the credit – so Claire cuts up Ashley’s cards.

The pair apparently end up selling their home to Kevin and Sally Webster.

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