Watch out Deirdre! Ken’s one-time lover is back in Coronation Street. Actress Denise Black reveals all…

So Ken gets in touch with Denise Osbourne, his ex lover and mother of his son Daniel. Where’s she been all these years?
“Denise left in 1996 after she’d won custody of Daniel. They moved to Scotland and set up home with Denise’s ex brother-in-law Brian. They’d been having an affair but it didn’t last.”

Is she single?
“Yes. It’s just her and Daniel. They returned to Manchester and Denise runs her own successful hair salon.”

What’s Daniel like?
“A bit of a handful like most 12-year-old boys, but they have a good relationship.”

Is he like Ken?
“He’s bright so, yes, he’s a chip off the old block. Dan, as he likes to be known, doesn’t remember his dad, though. He hasn’t seen him since he was a baby.”

So Ken and Daniel have had no contact over the years?
“No. She wrote to Ken when she left Scotland and again when she read about Tracy in the press but Ken’s never contacted her. Until now.”

What has Denise told Daniel about his dad?
“She’s been very straight. Daniel knows the circumstances of his birth and that his dad was a teacher. It can’t have been easy for her. She’ll have had to reassure Dan that his father’s absence isn’t his fault. There must also have been times when she’s criticised Ken in front of Dan.”

Will she try to stop Ken from seeing Dan?
“If Ken wants to see Dan – and he obviously will – then Denise will do nothing without asking Dan first. She’ll agree to whatever Dan wants.”

Did Denise love Ken?
“I genuinely believe she did. She’s a complicated woman – competent and confident on the surface but vulnerable and insecure underneath. She left Ken for Brian because she didn’t really know what she wanted at the time.”

Does she still love Ken?
“I think she still has feelings for him – he’s Dan’s father. But I don’t know if it’s love. She hasn’t seen him for years, remember.”

What if he wanted to get back with her after all this time?
“I honestly don’t know what she’d do. It would be a real push me/pull you situation. Never forget that Denise is ruled by her heart rather than her head, though.”

What made you return to the Street after 11 years?
“I always made it known I’d be happy to come back at some point. I got a phone call out of the blue and said yes straightaway!”

What have you been doing for the past 11 years?
“Loads of things – theatre, radio, guest roles in TV dramas like Clocking Off plus I played Antony Cotton’s mum in Queer as Folk, Kaye Wragg’s mum in No Angels, and I was also in Bad Girls.”

How long are you back for?
“Initially for six highly dramatic weeks. But who knows what might happen after that?”