Coronation Street: is it Rita who murders Tina?

A Coronation Street insider has teased that Tina McIntyre’s murderer could turn out to be one of the most unlikely suspects – hinting even pensioner Rita O’Sullivan may have a motive.

The source said: “Tina’s behaviour has been so shocking that she’ll have got on the wrong side of a lot of people by the time she’s killed.

“Of course, Peter and Carla will be prime suspects, and Rob and Tracy are also in the frame.

“But even Rita, who’ll reportedly have a huge fight with Tina before she dies, might have been driven to murder!”

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has revealed she got scared by the gory make-up she had to wear for Tina McIntyre’s murder scenes.

Tina is set to be killed off next month in a whodunit storyline – with suspects including her lover Peter Barlow, his fiancée Carla Connor, Peter’s sister Tracy Barlow and Tracy’s boyfriend Rob Donovan.

“I did night shoots all week for my final scenes,” said Michelle, who exited the Coronation Street studios for the final time on Friday, April 18.

“I’ve had fake bruises and blood on me – and I keep forgetting and glancing in the mirror and freaking myself out because the make-up is so lifelike!”

– Press Association