Coronation Street: Is Jason Becky’s dream man?

Becky reckons Jason could fall for her in Coronation Street – but actress Katherine Kelly worries she could be fooling herself!

How does Becky end up in bed again with Jason after he was so cruel to her last time?

“She goes for a drink with him – twice. The second time they go back to his place and he leans in for a kiss…”

And one thing leads to another?

“It’s not quite like that. Becky doesn’t want to dive in like she did last time. The truth is she wants more than just sex with him. So instead she pulls away and tells him she’d better go…”

What you call playing hard to get then?

“Not all that hard! Not long after she comes back and admits she wants to know if he’s genuinely interested in her and not just after sex.”

And is he?

“He seems to be. They spend the night together and afterwards Jason tells her that he’s hoping it will be more than a one off. Becky’s thrilled.”

Is this her dream come true?

“It could be. She’s potty about Jason, he’s her ideal fella but she thought he was way out of her league. Compared to her previous boyfriends like Slug and Rick, Jason is a god. He’s the funniest, best-looking guy she’s ever been with.”

Isn’t she scared that he might hurt her like before?

“Back then his heart still belonged to Sarah and Becky knew that. But Jason seems to want to move on now. He’s told her how sorry he is and she believes him.”

So Becky isn’t worried about Sarah at all?

“If she were still in Weatherfield Becky might be bothered… but she’s hundreds of miles away. Becky really believes it’s over between Jason and Sarah.”

Do you think Becky and Jason make a good couple?

“I do. They’ve both got chequered pasts, he obviously likes feisty women and they get on really well. They’ve been good friends for a long time and I think that’s a brilliant foundation for a relationship.”

But do dreams really come true for the likes of Becky?

“She was pretty mad and bad when she first turned up but she’s changed a lot and deserves a stab at happiness… Not for too long though – that would be boring!”

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