Coronation Street: Is John at it again?

Graeme Hawley says Fiz suspects John’s cheating on her again… but the truth is even worse!

John seems unfazed at living a double life. Is that normal?

“For John it is! He’s convinced he can pull it off. In fact, he’s so complacent he signs up to do exam marking which could be tricky because it involves going to a big conference where he could bump into anyone from his past…”

Which is exactly what happens. Will this bring him to his senses?

“Umm… no. When ex-colleague Charlotte spots him, he begs her to keep quiet. He tells her everything.”

Is she horrified?

“She finds it exciting… It even makes John more attractive in her eyes.”

So she fancies him then. Does he fancy her back?

“She’s very flirtatious but he’s not interested in her.”

Why does he keep Charlotte a secret from Fiz then?

“He doesn’t want to worry her.”

But then Charlotte shows up in the Street… What happens?

“John finds her looking for his house and panics. They go for a drink in The Rovers and she drops the bombshell that Colin – the man whose identity John is using – is coming back. But it appears she’s just trying to stir things up.”

How does Fiz react when she sees them together?

“She thinks there’s something going on between them and demands to know the truth and the three of them have a row. Fiz is furious that Charlotte knows their secret and tells John he must give up his job.”

Will he give up the job?

“If he knows what’s good for him… but this is John we’re talking about.”

How is this going to end?

“I’m hoping John doesn’t go to prison again – I wore the same blue jumper for 10 months when he was inside! All I will say is that Charlotte is a loose cannon and the whole situation is going to get a lot, lot more complicated for John.”

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