Coronation Street’s Chris Gascoyne reveals to Soaplife that prison ‘Landlord’ Jim McDonald has it in for Peter unless he keeps his mouth shut – and he doesn’t…

Against the odds, Peter Barlow’s survived acute alcohol poisoning and returns to prison. But ‘Landlord’ Jim loses no time in telling him there’ll be big trouble if he dares blab about who supplied the dodgy booze. “Peter’s dismissive at first, although he’s been apprehensive about returning to jail because he knows he’s caused a lot of problems by doing what he did,” Chris tells Soaplife. “But he doesn’t realise at first just how far Jim’s prepared to go to save his own skin…”

So when does Peter realise he should be frightened of Jim (Charles Lawson)?

“Peter and his cellmate, Clelland, return to their cell and it’s been trashed. Peter knows Jim’s behind it. Celland warns Peter not to antagonise Jim any more or he’ll end up back in hospital. Jim then makes it clear he’ll make Peter’s life hell if he says anything about him supplying the booze.”

Does he realise Jim’s taking credit for saving his life?

“He certainly knows Jim hasn’t confessed to being the one who was supplying the booze in the first place. But he’s not aware how far Jim’s gone in claiming to be a hero.”

So why does he tell Tracy (Kate Ford) the truth when she visits him?

“She’s mentions Steve’s bringing Amy in to see Jim. Peter can’t hide his reaction and, when Tracy quizzes him about his hostility, he tells her Jim was the one who supplied him with the booze and that, in return, he was forced to sing Jim’s praises to Steve to get him to visit.”

Jim won’t be happy…

“He doesn’t care what Jim does to him. He doesn’t want him getting away with playing happy families when he can’t even get to see Simon and has lost absolutely everything.”

When does Pete realise Steve (Simon Gregson) has confronted Jim?

“It’s after visiting time. Jim storms in Peter’s cell and starts threatening him. But the guards are hot on Jim’s trail. However, Jim leaves Peter in no doubt that there’s a score to settle.”

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