Coronation Street: Peter Barlow returns with son

Coronation Street bigamist Peter Barlow is returning to Weatherfield – with a five-year-old son.

Peter, played by Chris Gascoyne, was left to look after the boy, named Simon, by estranged wife Lucy, who was dying of cancer.

But he’s struggling to raise the tot and decides to move back in with dad Ken and step-mother Deirdre in the hope that they will help out, according to The Sun.

A source on the ITV soap said: “Peter is stunned by his son’s arrival. He doesn’t know the first thing about kids.”

Desperate Peter apparently even tries to give his son away after getting drunk in the Rovers Return, apparently saying: “Does anybody want a five-year-old kid? I’ve got one I don’t want.”

Lucy (Katy Carmichael) fled Weatherfield after learning that Peter was also married to barmaid Shelley Unwin.

Having been diagnosed with cancer, Lucy tracked Peter down to give him Simon.

Peter was last seen on the Street in January 2007 for step-sister Tracy‘s murder trial.

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