David Platt was revealed to be the father of wife Kylie’s baby Lily in the culmination of a long-running paternity storyline in Coronation Street.

In a special double episode on Sunday night, David was shown confirming he was the father when he received the DNA test results. His half-brother Nick was a potential father after a one-night stand with Kylie.

David read the test results to his his ex Tina: “Based on the DNA analysis, the alleged father Mr David Platt cannot be excluded as the father of the child Lily Platt. This constitutes a positive result. The man we have tested is the biological father of the tested child.”

David raced to the hospital to reveal the results to Nick, the man recovering from a car accident deliberately caused by David.

Far from ending the brothers’ animosity, the revelation is set to produce more drama as the family gathers for Lily’s Christening later this week.