Coronation Street’s Alison King reveals: ‘Carla turns cougar and goes for a younger man’

Coronation Street’s Carla is a prime suspect in Tina’s murder, has just had a miscarriage and her cheating, alcoholic husband Peter has plummeted off the wagon – again.

But Carla is the kind of woman you can’t keep down for long, as the woman who plays her, Alison King, revealed to the Daily Express.

And Alison also revealed that Carla has her eye on a new, younger man…

But before Carla goes fishing for a new fella, she has another grief encounter with Peter.

Viewers will question Carla’s sanity when she decides to meet hopeless, drunk Peter for a chat over a bottle of vodka in upcoming episodes.

“Carla knows that seeing him is the last thing she should be doing but she has hit the self-destruct button – she’s trying to punish herself and Peter,” says Alison. “Her life has already spiralled out of control and she just wants to block it all out. Peter comes round because he is concerned about her and she is actually quite aggressive towards him.”

Peter knows he has driven Carla to drink and put her financial security on the line. She’s insulted clients and staff and is struggling after the loss of her marriage and her baby. So what next for Carla? 

Alison lets slip that Carla will make peace with her employees and will start eyeing up a replacement for her adulterous husband.

“You would think she would steer clear of men altogether,” says Alison. “But we have filmed scenes where she turns cougar and sets her sights on one of the younger men.”

While Carla carries on, Alison says she’s looking forward to a break with her five-year-old daughter Daisy.

“It will be nice to spend time with Daisy without being shattered and having lines to learn. It has been full-on for months and I need to recharge my batteries and step away from crazed, anxious, drunken Carla for a bit.”

Coronation Street, ITV, Monday, June 16

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