Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton says Sean falls for the local vicar!

Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton reveals to Soaplife that Sean’s latest love interest is Weatherfield’s new vicar!

Poor old Sean’s never been lucky in love… but maybe that’s all about to change… “Sean’s on a night out and sees this fit guy walk into the bar,” Antony tells Soaplife. “He automatically presumes he must be meeting someone else, but they start chatting and he and Billy, as he’s called, instantly click!”

That’s before Sean finds out Billy’s a vicar, though.

How does Sean find out Billy’s a man of the cloth?
“Sean asks him to go on somewhere but Billy [Daniel Brocklebank] says he can’t because he’s got to go to church the next day. Initially, Sean thinks Billy’s just a member of the congregation, but then Billy adds that he’s leading the congregation! Sean’s not put off, though and they have their first date at the bistro.”

How will Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire) react to her new vicar dating Sean?
“At first, Emily just thinks it’s nice that the new vicar has found himself a friend in Sean. She’s very fond of Billy, like most of the other older members of the St Mary’s Weatherfield congregation. She has no idea Billy’s gay, but she soon finds out and it does cause a few ripples!”

Will Sean introduce Billy to his surrogate family, the Grimshaws?
“Of course. Sean loves them unconditionally and they love him. They want him to be happy. Todd [Bruno Langley] will probably cause problems and wind Billy up because he does with everyone.”

Would you like to see Sean settled and happy?
“I’m torn about that. It would be nice for him, but conflict, problems and being unlucky in love mean more drama for me. It’s going to be very interesting seeing what happens. I haven’t a clue which way it’s going to go yet, but I imagine Billy is going to have to make a choice.”

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