Coronation Street’s Ben Price: ‘Nick flies into a rage and slaps Leanne’

Coronation Street’s Ben Price reveals to Soaplife that Nick lashes out at Leanne on Christmas Day and loses her…forever?

We thought Nick was getting better…
“Outwardly maybe, but really he’s just been better at managing his outbursts and realising when he needs to walk away, calm down and say nothing.”

So what happens on Christmas day?
“It looks like he’s fine, but really he’s not. His head’s all over the place, he has a headache and it’s just too much. Leanne says the wrong thing at the wrong time and he flies into a rage and slaps her face.”

How does she react?
“She’s shocked, upset and disappointed. It’s awful for her and I think, at that point, something dies in their relationship. He hit her as a result of his brain damage, but he’s done the worst thing he can imagine and they’ve lost that trust. He realises they’re not going to be fine. He doesn’t know who he is any more.”

How do the family take it?
“They’re very shocked, but they know he has this huge problem.”

Then he tells Norris! Why?
“Norris notices Leanne’s black eye and Leanne tries to cover, but Nick doesn’t want that. Nick wants to face things – what he’s done and who he is. He’s taking some control back.”

Is he worried he’ll hurt Leanne again?
“Absolutely. He can’t control it and it’s a very fine line for him. He can’t trust himself and he knows Leanne can’t trust him any more. He’s not the man she fell in love with. He suggests they live apart for a while – for her own safety.”

Could they separate permanently?
“Part of him thinks they should. They’ve tried to save their marriage, but when someone is fundamentally not the same person, it’s extremely hard.”

Can he ever be the old Nick again?
“He thought he could, but now he realises maybe he can’t. This is who he is now and he might be like this forever…”


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