Coronation Street’s Bruno Langley reveals to Soaplife how Todd suffers an horrific attack and is bitter and angry when he loses his good looks…

Todd Grimshaw’s got a face like a smacked bottom after he’s stood up by his family at what should be their kiss-and-make-up dinner… But he looks much worse after he’s attacked by muggers. “Todd’s in hospital when doctors tell him his facial injuries are so bad he may well have the scars forever,” Bruno tells Soaplife. “Todd’s always taken care of his appearance and, quite understandably, he’s devastated by the news.” And he blames his family!

Why does Todd think the mugging was down to his family?
“He thinks if his family hadn’t stood him up for dinner, then he wouldn’t have been attacked, wouldn’t be in hospital and wouldn’t be scarred for life. He thinks the fault lies completely with his mum, Eileen [Sue Cleaver] Jason [Ryan Thomas], Tony [Terence Maynard], Eva [Catherine Tyldesley], Julie [Katy Cavanagh]… He’s extremely bitter.”

He even throws his family out of the hospital. Why?
“Todd wants to be alone. As well as trying to come to terms with his injuries, he’s trying to deal with abandonment issues and feeling let down. OK, they’re here for him now, but where were they before, when he was trying to redeem himself and make things right? They didn’t want to know then.”

But Eileen insists he come home when he gets out of hospital. Does he?
“Todd resents the fact that he’s only been invited back into the nest because of what’s happened to him. Had the attack not happened, he knows he still wouldn’t be welcome at home. He doesn’t know whether to put on a front or deal with it and move on.”

He’s struggling, isn’t he?
“He has mixed emotions. He’s all over the place – it’s not just anger or sadness. I think it’s a growing realisation of the situation he’s in and that makes it even harder.”

Might he actually take some responsibility for himself?
“I’ve no idea at the moment. It could go either way. I’m looking forward to finding out though.”

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