Coronation Street’s Catherine: ‘Jason is Eva’s Mr Right’

Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley reveals to Soaplife that Eva thinks Jason could be her Mr Right – even though she thought he was her mum’s Mr Wrong

What’s caused Eva’s change of heart then?
“After everything that happened with Karl, Eva can see what a nice guy Jason is… and he’s good looking! They’ve been getting on really well and Jason invites Eva round to his for a quiet drink. It’s a surprise to both of them when they kiss – they’re just drawn to each other… and one thing leads to another!”

They sleep together…
“But Eva feels extremely guilty, given Jason’s history with her mum. It’s an unwritten rule that you never sleep with your mates’ exes, and obviously the same goes for mothers and daughters. Stella and Eva are very close and if she didn’t have deep feelings for Jason, she never would have crossed that line.”

And Stella finds out… How?
“She walks in while Eva and Jason are mid-snog – they haven’t planned it, but just find themselves kissing. Eva’s devastated, but very truthful with her mum, she says: ‘Look, we did try to stop it, but I really like him.’”

And how does Stella react?
“Initially she’s angry and upset. But she knows what a nice guy Jason is and she realises she should be happy her daughter wants to be with such a good guy. Stella can see how genuine they are and wants them to be happy.”

Do you think they will be?
“Eva dated Jason briefly last year, but only to make Nick jealous. She didn’t think Jason was exciting enough then, but now Jason seems like perfect ‘settling-down’ material after all the mistakes she’s made.”