Chris Gascoyne tells Soaplife how Peter feels trapped when Carla gives him a shocking ultimatum in Coronation Street

It was only a matter of time before pregnant Carla found out her man was back on the bottle and her reaction is just what you’d expect. “She’s absolutely furious. Peter’s been lying to her and she realises it when he comes in stinking of whisky,” Chris tells Soaplife. Carla tells Peter either he goes to rehab or there’ll be no baby. Then she calls Tina, of all people, to ‘babysit’ him. Does this mean his other secret be revealed?

What’s driven Peter to drink again?

“There’s no way out of the hole he’s dug for himself and, being an alcoholic, he turns to drink. He feels guilty about the affair with Tina, and now Carla’s pregnant he’s even more afraid she’ll find out. When he thought both Carla and Tina could be pregnant at the same time, the walls really started closing in on him.”

What excuse does he give Carla for being back on the booze?

“Peter says it’s the stress of trying to be the perfect husband and father. Carla doesn’t buy it. In fact, she’s really annoyed by it.”

So she’s not sympathetic?

“She’s sick of him feeling sorry of himself, sick of his excuses. This is the final straw. Carla battled a lot of demons when she discovered she was pregnant and she needs Peter more than ever, but now he’s drinking again she’s scared he can’t be there for her.”

And Carla gives him an ultimatum…

“Peter’s stunned. She tells him that if he drinks again she won’t have the baby, and Peter feels more trapped than ever.”

Carla wants him to go to rehab. Will he?

“There’s no choice. She more or less tells him he must, that he’s risking his life by drinking and that he now has an unborn child to think of – as well as her and Simon. He knows better than to argue with her. He has no energy to think about anything else other than where his next drink is coming from.”

Carla’s struggling, too, and asks her friend Tina for help, doesn’t she?

“Carla can’t keep everything afloat at the factory and look after Peter as well. She doesn’t want to leave Peter on his own because she’s scared he’ll drink. Obviously Carla has no idea about Peter and Tina, and doesn’t think twice about asking Tina for help.”

Will Tina try to use this to her advantage?

“Absolutely. Tina doesn’t know Carla’s pregnant and thinks she can help Peter. She texts him telling him she loves him and he realises it’s going to be more difficult than he thought to finish with her and fears she’ll turn nasty. She’s a real threat to his relationship with Carla.”

It’s not going to end well, is it?

“It was never going to! It’s all going to come crashing down and Peter at some point is going to have to face the consequences of his actions.”