Coronation Street’s Craig Charles: ‘Steve thinks Lloyd’s heart attack is his fault’

Coronation Street’s Craig Charles talks to Soaplife about how Lloyd’s heart fails him – and how Andrea might not be the best person to mend it.

Love-lorn Lloyd is gutted when girlfriend Andrea fails to show at the charity race he’s running against Steve. But that’s the least of his worries when, after the race and during a fierce argument with Steve, Lloyd has a heart attack. “He’s not feeling great but puts it down to being tired after the race,” Craig tells Soaplife.

Will Lloyd recover – and, if so, will Andrea be there to hold his hand?

First thing’s first, why do Steve and Lloyd have a row after the race?
“They may be best mates but the race makes them extra competitive.  Steve accidentally trips Lloyd during the race, but Lloyd thinks he does it on purpose – especially after Steve goes on to win. This is what they argue about. And Lloyd’s extra cross because Andrea didn’t turn up and he’s not feeling well.”

Does the heart attack come out of the blue?
“Pretty much. There are no major signs before the race. However, I wouldn’t say Lloyd was in tip-top condition. He wasn’t checked out by a doctor beforehand – but, then again, he had no real symptoms.”

Does Steve feel guilty?
“Steve’s very shaken. He thinks Lloyd’s heart attack is his fault.”

Is Lloyd going to recover?
“Yes, but he’s now aware that he must change his lifestyle – cut back on the booze, stop smoking and start eating healthily. When Lloyd comes round, Steve promises he’ll give up the fags and booze, too, in order to support him. Lloyd’s touched by Steve’s sincerity and instantly forgives his mate.”

What about Andrea?
“She turns up at the hospital after the race. She tells Lloyd she had to help a friend and that’s why she couldn’t make it. Lloyd believes her, but his daughter Jenna thinks Andrea’s hiding something. She doesn’t trust Andrea and feels there’s something not quite right about her.”

Lloyd’s not at all suspicious, though, is he?
“No. He’s all loved-up and oblivious to everything. The question is now: will Andrea be good for Lloyd’s dodgy ticker or will she break it altogether?”



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