Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush: ‘If Anna gives Phelan what he wants, he’ll leave them alone!’

Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush reveals to Soaplife that Anna’s current woes are about to get a lot worse. . .

What will Anna do to get her family out of this mess?
“She tried putting her side of the story to Phelan’s wife, Valerie, but Valerie didn’t want to know. The last thing Anna wants to do is see Phelan, but she makes herself go round to his house and begs him to leave her family alone.”

“Phelan tells her he’ll leave them alone if she sleeps with him. She’s disgusted that he could even ask her such a thing. It makes her skin crawl.”

But will she do it?
“She hates Phelan! And she loves Owen. It would be such a betrayal and the guilt would really eat away at her. That said though, Anna will do anything to save her family – and that could mean accepting Phelan’s proposal.”

“Anna’s trying to keep her family together. If she gives Phelan what he wants then he will leave them alone. She may feel it’s her only way out.”

Does she blame herself at all for this nightmare?
“Ann feels guilty because she knows everything that’s happening to her family is because she told Izzy about Phelan coming on to her and Izzy told Gary. And Gary would never have attacked Phelan if Anna had kept quiet.”

What about her relationship with Owen?
“To sleep with another man regardless of the reasons is a huge betrayal and I don’t know if Owen would ever forgive Anna. She’s trying to save her family, but this has the potential to totally destroy them.”