Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd tells Soaplife that David’s heart breaks when he’s told he can’t see his kids…

How does David feel about the way his family is shutting him out?

“He’s really depressed. He’s tried to make amends and all he can say is how sorry he is, but they’re having none of it. Nick tells David that if he doesn’t leave the Street he’ll tell everyone that David tried to kill him…”

And Kylie?

“David gives Kylie cash for the children but she throws it back in his face. She tells him they don’t need his help and he should stay away. He’s heartbroken. David begs her to forgive him, but she’s having none of it. He pours his heart out and tells her he just wanted to die when he found out she’d slept with Nick. She becomes emotional, but all of a sudden she flips and starts shouting at him again.”

Gail goes against Kylie and lets David see Lily and Max. But they get found out…

“David’s over the moon, but then Nick comes in and starts yelling at David to get out. It’s heartbreaking for him. He tells Nick he doesn’t want any trouble and leaves.”

Then Nick forces Gail to choose between the brothers…

“Gail tells David to come round to put the kids to bed. He’s delighted…until Gail tells him he can’t see the kids again. David’s shocked.”

And he decides to hand himself in to the police, doesn’t he?

“It seems to be what everybody wants and he feels he has no alternative. Everyone’s closing doors on him and he thinks if he does this, then at least people will know he’s sorry.”

But Nick’s horrified. Why?

“Because of the effect it will have on Gail, Max and Lily. He follows David to the police station and tells him he can’t hand himself him because of what it will do to their mum.”

Where does that leave David?

“Out in the cold. Nick and Kylie don’t want him anywhere near the rest of the family. Gail wants him to see his kids, but Kylie’s so against it. He’s accepted that she doesn’t want to be married to him any more, but he still really loves her.”