Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd: ‘Tina throws David out!’

Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd warns Soaplife that David hits rock bottom when Tina also gives up on him…

Is it David’s drunken, never-ending pity party that makes Tina turn on him?
“It doesn’t help… He’s not tidying up after himself, he’s drinking a lot, he’s not looking after himself. He isn’t helping himself and this really annoys Tina. He could be going out looking for a job and getting himself sorted, but he’s not.”

Instead he makes a pass at Tina!
“David’s drunk and notes that neither one of them has anyone else so they might as well get together – but it’s only the drink talking. At the end of the day, David knows that if he can’t have Kylie then he doesn’t want anyone else.”

How does Tina react?
“She’s a bit cruel to be kind and tells him to sort himself out. She says if he wants to get Kylie back, he can’t keep sponging off her and staying on her sofa. He has to help himself. Trouble is, he’s starting to think it’s going to be impossible to get Kylie back, but he’s pleading with her not to stop him from seeing the kids.”

So why exactly does Tina kick him out?
“She lends him money and he spends it on booze. It’s the final straw and she throws him out. He’s on the streets as there’s nowhere else for him to go.”

Why does he pick a fight with Peter?
“David’s been drinking in the Rovers and is getting a bit out of control, especially with Tina. Peter’s watching and can see what’s going on – and with Peter having experience of turning to drink, he tries to have a quiet chat with him. David’s not having any of it, even though Peter’s just trying to help. David gets aggressive and hits Peter.”

Is there no one who’ll come to his rescue?
“Not Kylie and not Gail. Audrey’s the only one who might – it’s always Audrey! He spends the night in the salon at one point so she is starting to soften…”


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