Coronation Street’s Jane Danson: ‘Leanne decides if Nick can play dirty so can she!’

Coronation Street’s Jane Danson reveals to Soaplife that bitter and twisted Nick is making Leanne’s life a living hell!

Leanne always knew her ex, Nick, would react badly to her ‘conscious coupling’ with personal trainer Kal, but his revenge is proving to be positively poisonous! “Nick’s really, really mean on Leanne’s birthday – he knows she has a romantic evening planned with Kal so he puts Steph in charge at the Bistro because he knows she won’t be able to cope and Leanne will have to work,” Jane tells Soaplife. Leanne’s livid, but when he goes on to humiliate her in front of a packed Bistro and then tells Kal’s mum she used to be a prostitute, it’s all-out war!

How does Leanne feel about Nick?
“She’s sympathetic to his brain damage and to how difficult things have been, but she’s thinking about his feelings and not considering her own. She’s tried her best to be nice, but he’s thrown it back in her face and is making life as difficult as possible because he’s hurting. That’s when it becomes like War of the Roses as they’re both very strong personalities.”

How does he humiliate her?
“He’s just really nasty – and in front of everyone. It becomes so intolerable, she decides to quit.”

But that’s not enough for Nick, is it? 
“Leanne’s meeting Kal’s mother, and that’s hard enough at the best of times. In Leanne’s case she’s got a very murky history to contend with and Nick reveals it. It’s not the best first impression. You’ll see Leanne trying to redeem herself in the coming weeks, but all the odds are against her now.”

How does Kal react?
“He’s very understanding so he must like her a lot! The family, however, have a very different reaction. Obviously they want the best for their son. By all accounts his late wife was a good girl so Leanne’s got a lot to live up to.”

How else does Nick lash out?
“He announces that he’s completely cutting Leanne out of the business and he’s renaming the Bistro ‘Just Nick’s’. Leanne decides if he’s going to play dirty then so can she. She’s a Battersby, so she can play very dirty when she wants to.”

Will her relationship with Kal survive?
“I’d like to see them have some fun before they have any more dramas. There’s a lot more to Kal than we’ve seen so far. He’s been in the army so he must have quite a past himself. Leanne’s been through so much in life, so she knows it’s not going to be plain sailing. But level-headed Kal is a calming influence on Leanne and the relationship is new, exciting and fresh.”



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