Coronation Street’s Jane Danson: Leanne smashes the truth out of Nick!

Coronation Street’s Jane Danson reveals to Soaplife why Leanne loses the plot in the restaurant – then manages to broker a peace deal with Nick.

Leanne’s a tough cookie but she’s had enough! First, her ex, Peter, is drunk when she takes their son, Simon, to visit him in prison. Next, her other ex, Nick, is still faking seizures. “She’s angry about Peter, but what’s worse is that no one, including her current partner, Kal, believes Nick is faking his fits,” Jane tells Soaplife. “So, in desperation, she goes into the restaurant and starts smashing the place up!”

When did Leanne realise Nick (Ben Price) is faking the seizures?
“Having been with Nick for so long. she can just read him. And whenever she’s said ‘You’re faking it!’ he gives her this sly little smile and she just knows he’s lying.”

What does she hope to achieve by smashing up the restaurant?
“Leanne’s at her wits’ end and wants to prove to everyone that Nick’s been faking. She goes a bit mental and starts destroying the place, which is technically half hers. She tells Nick, ‘If you want to destroy what we’ve worked so hard to build up, then I’ll help you’. She begins to trash the place in front of his family, who are there for Kylie’s birthday.”

How do they all react?
“Leanne’s always flying off the handle so everyone just thinks she’s on one again. But then Nick begs her to stop and he finally admits he’s been faking the seizures.”

Result! Do people feel bad for not believing her?
“Yes – Kal [Jimi Mistry] and Eva [Catherine Tyldesley] especially. Everyone’s a bit guilty for having a go at her and even Gail’s a bit sheepish.”

What? Gail (Helen Worth) apologises?!
“She doesn’t go that far. Gail makes excuses for Nick, saying his actions were the result of his brain damage, but Nick insists he was faking it. He’s genuinely sad his relationship with Leanne is over and he’s jealous she’s moved on. He does, however, finally accept it.”

So will Leanne and Nick now compromise over their divorce?
“Yes, but Leanne thinks they should let the dust settle for now. Nick then agrees to give her what she wants so, for the moment, they’re at peace.”

What about Kal and Leanne?
“Kal’s mother and son are still causing problems. It’s certainly not going to be easy to break into that family.”

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