Coronation Street’s Katy plays secret kiss chase with Luke!

Coronation Street’s Georgia May Foote reveals to Soaplife that Katy’s falling for a fella very close to home. . .

“There’s a spark between Katy and Luke and they’re definitely flirting. But they’re embarrassed and won’t admit they like each other in that way, not when Luke’s sister Steph is Katy’s friend,” Georgia tells Soaplife.

But they do admit it, eventually. What happens?

“To begin with, Tyrone’s accident brings Katy and Luke closer together. Luke ends up cutting his hand trying to help Ty so Katy tells him to come back to flat so she can strap it up for him. Both notice there’s a spark between them that they can’t deny. They have that moment when they get really close and there’s a look between them… it’s funny!”

Do they go on a date?
“Yes – but neither of them acknowledges that’s what it is. Katy suggests going for a drink, Luke winds her up and asks her if she’s asking him on a date. Katy is really defensive and denies it.”

So where is this non-date date?
“The Rovers! And it’s already a bit awkward between them when Steph [Tisha Merry] plonks herself down between and makes things worse! Luke gets up to go because it’s clear the date has been invaded. Katy is pretty gutted when he leaves and she realises she really doesn’t want him to go, so she runs out after him…”

“Katy runs up to him and jokes Steph killed their vibe and made it really awkward. They both then just stand there and it’s clear they want to kiss. They both say ‘bye’ but neither one of them moves… And then they kiss.”

Could Luke (Dean Fagan) be Katy’s next love?
“She really fancies him, but if she’s forced to choose between Steph and Luke, Steph has to come first.”

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