Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh: ‘Michelle’s hurt and humiliated by Steve this Christmas’

Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh tells Soaplife how Michelle’s hopes of rekindling her romance with Steve are dealt a bitter blow

How does Michelle cope with Steve’s behaviour over Christmas?
“She doesn’t really, she’s upset and confused. Michelle really doesn’t know where she stands with Steve on the run up to Christmas and then his behaviour on Christmas Day really hurts her. Steve [Simon Gregson] throws all of his efforts into making it the best Christmas ever for Amy and invites Michelle to a big party for the family. Then he asks her to go upstairs with him and she hopes that this is a sign of him wanting them to rekindle things. As they are throwing the fake snow for Amy out of the window Michelle gets all nostalgic and goes in for a kiss, but he knocks her back. She’s hurt and humiliated by his behaviour towards her and she’s really not coping well at all.”

Does she realise that it’s a mental health problem at this stage?
“Gosh, no! Michelle has no idea that Steve’s got a mental health problem because he hasn’t told her. She just knows he’s been pushing her away. She has absolutely no clue that the reason he’s been doing that is because he’s suffering from depression. Michelle just thinks he doesn’t love her any more. She feels completely rejected and confused. She’s still in love with Steve so she’s really upset.”

What does Steve overhear her saying to Tony?
“A lot happens over Christmas that makes Michelle think she really has to accept that they’re over. She’s trying to talk herself into moving on so I think she feels she needs to vocalise it to someone so that it feels real and she can hear herself say it out loud. She tells Tony [Terence Maynard] that she’s moving on and that Steve’s her past.”

Does she mean it?
“She means it when she says it to Tony … Whether her heart wants to or is ready to is another story. She’s saying it to convince herself more than anyone else. In Michelle’s mind Steve couldn’t make it any clearer that he doesn’t want her so she knows she has to move on and move forward with her life.”

We’ve heard Michelle’s going to get a new bloke…
“Yes, she kind of doesn’t want to move on, but she thinks there’s no hope for her and Steve. When a nice man comes along everyone encourages her to go for it, but how ready she’ll be is another story…”

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