Coronation Street‘s Michael Le Vell reveals to Soaplife that Kevin gets some surprises when he returns to Weatherfield…

Does Kevin tell anyone he’s coming back home?

“Sophie – but there’s not much of a gap between him telling her and arriving in Weatherfield. He comes back to all kinds of traumas. He has his bag stolen by Maddie, finds out about Tim’s living with Sally, and then discovers that the garage is in a mess. But he’s really glad to be home.”

How were things with Sally before he left?

“He definitely thought there was a chance of them getting back together. But that was 10 months ago and life goes on. He was the one who went away so he only has himself to blame. He doesn’t know what to expect now.”

Not Tim, that’s for sure!

“Kevin wasn’t expecting Sally to be living with another man already! He’s shocked and his nose is put out of joint.”

What’s his first reaction when he comes face to face with Tim?

“Kevin thinks Tim is an intruder because nobody has mentioned that he’s Sally’s new boyfriend. He thinks he’s is trying to steal Sally’s TV. He manhandles Tim out of the house in a headlock and that’s when Sophie tells Kevin who he is.”

How does Kevin feel when Tim tells him not to report Maddie to the police for nicking his bags?

“He feels a bit undermined and put out… mainly because Tim knows who Maddie is and seems to have more of a handle on Sophie’s life than Kevin does. He asks Sophie and Maddie what’s going on and gets a straight answer and Kevin, being Kevin, decides to support them.”

What happens when Kevin goes to the garage?

“He discovers Tyrone has run it into the ground. He’s got tax demands, bills all over the place and the main supplier has moved on so there’s so much work to do.”

Will he try to get Sally back?

“Kevin will never lose his feelings for Sally – there’s still a spark between them. But If anything, Tim will feel more jealous of Kevin than the other way round because he can clearly see that they have so much history and a parental bond he’s not part of.”