Coronation Street’s Mikey North: ‘Going to jail would ruin Gary’

Coronation Street’s Mikey North reveals to Soaplife how Gary is the one who ends up paying the higher price after he makes Phelan pay for insulting his mum, Anna.

Gary starts to realise he’s in trouble when Phelan disappears, right?
“Yes. Gary thought he had killed Phelan, but he’s not laying where he left him when he brings Owen back to the site. Valerie, Phelan’s wife, turns up demanding to know where he is. Owen and Gary tell her they have no idea and it’s clear she’s worried.”

We bet Gary is, too!
“That’s an understatement. He’s worried sick and really panicking. If Phelan’s wife doesn’t know where he is, just where has he got to? It’s a waiting game for Gary – and for Owen. Gary knows there’s every chance Phelan could go to the police and report him for attacking him.”

And Gary could go to prison?
“Of course – given Gary’s record. If he ends up in jail it will obviously have devastating consequences for Izzy and Jake. It would ruin Gary. He’s finally got everything that he and Izzy have fought for. He’s been so optimistic and hopeful about this project – he’d never be able to live with himself for putting his family through so much grief.”

How does Owen react?
“He’s supporting Gary – they’ve been through so much together. But Gary knows that Phelan takes no prisoners. He knows what’s coming will be bad…”

And is it?
“Very bad. Gary and Owen find Phelan lurking in the shadows on the Street – and he wants his revenge for what Gary did to him.”

Which he’s going to get with blackmail… He has CCTV footage of Gary beating him up.
“And he wants Gary and Owen to finish the building project for a basic wage. All their dreams of having money and security are gone. It’s great drama and it’s going to be a massive year for the Windasses.”