Paula Lane reveals to Soaplife that Sean screams louder than Kylie does when she goes into labour in Coronation Street. But that’s the least of Kylie’s worries…

Does Kylie have any warning signs before she goes into labour?

“The odd twinge while she’s at the Bistro, but it’s not until she’s home that it really starts. She’s on her own, can’t move, there’s music blaring out and no one can hear her. She’s petrified.”

OMG! What happens?

“Sean hears her screaming and goes screaming for help and Gail arrives and delivers the baby! Kylie’s in such a state, she doesn’t care who it is. She’s just glad someone’s there.”

And it’s a girl! Does Kylie wonder about the daddy?

“It’s always on the surface for Kylie. It’s easier for her when she and David are playing happy families, but then someone will say something that reminds her Nick could be the father. While Nick’s in hospital she can pretend that everything is going to be OK, but it isn’t.”

Will Kylie have a DNA test done?

“She’s not keen. In many ways it’s easier not to know who the father is. What if she has the test and Nick’s the father? What does she do then?”

Does Kylie have any idea that David knows about her and Nick?

“No. She’s under the impression David is blaming himself for what’s happened to Nick and that’s why he’s been acting so strangely.”

Could David be a danger to Kylie?

“Definitely! She’s not in a good place at the moment and I’m quite worried for her.”