Coronation Street’s Paula Lane: ‘Kylie wants to save her marriage’

Coronation Street’s Paula Lane reveals to Soaplife that after passing out drunk and neglecting her children, Kylie finally admits she still loves David and is ready to give their marriage another go…

So, Kylie gets a wake-up call. What happens?
“Her emotions are all over the place. She’s embarrassed about her behaviour at Max’s Nativity play and on Christmas Day. She’s feeling sorry for herself and can’t really work out her feelings for David. So she gets drunk – it numbs everything.”

And knocks her out! How does she feel when David wakes her and she realises Max has been trying to cook tea?
“She’s still a bit delirious and it takes her a while to come round. She’s immediately on the defensive and accuses him of attention seeking, but when she starts to sober up she realises the danger Max was in. She feels awful.”

How does David get through to her?
“It’s his look of absolute horror rather than his words that makes her think about her actions and what could have happened. She starts to realise the time has maybe come to admit she’s prepared to give it another go with David.”

Does she still love him?
“Yes – that’s been her problem. If she didn’t love him, she’d have been able to cut her losses and move on. She has been grieving over her marriage. David is quite hard on her and sort of shakes her back to her senses.”

How does she react to that?
“Kylie tells David she doesn’t have the confidence to make the relationship work and is worried they are going to be another disaster. Kylie has been completely rocked by everything, but David is brilliant with her. He brings her back round and she realises what she is missing.”

Are you pleased they’re back together?
“Yes – apart from anything else, it means Kylie stops being so miserable! It’s quite draining. I think she can bounce back now. She has some fight left in her.”