Coronation Street’s Samia Ghadie: ‘It’s the start of a very dark, dangerous journey for Maria’

Samia Ghadie reveals to Soaplife that Maria fools herself into believing she loves Tyrone and he loves her…

Heartbroken by Marcus’s betrayal, it’s hardly surprising Maria can’t cope, but her increasingly irrational behaviour is becoming a real concern. “She barricades herself and little Liam in the flat in case Marcus tries to snatch him, and later makes a pass at her first love, Tyrone!” Samia tells Soaplife. But there’s far worse to come…

Why does Maria suddenly start panicking that Marcus could snatch Liam?
“Kirsty – Tyrone’s abusive ex – has been released from jail and Tyrone’s worried she’ll snatch Ruby. Maria gets it into her head that Marcus might try to snatch Liam. She also thinks Kirsty might snatch him! So she barricades herself in the flat with her little boy. It’s completely irrational, but Maria’s just not acting normally.”

Is this a symptom of Maria’s worsening mental state?
“It’s definitely a sign something’s not right with Maria’s state of mind and is the start of a very dark, dangerous journey for her.”   

She’s leaning heavily on Tyrone for support… but what makes her try to kiss him?
“More than anything, Maria wants to be loved. She sees Tyrone and Fiz together and it’s a reminder of what she’s lost. It’s been forgotten that, years ago, Fiz took Tyrone from Maria, and Maria longs for the relationship they once had. She’s not thinking about Fiz at all.”

Does Tyrone kiss her back?
“He pulls away. Maria’s mortified, but in her head she thinks that because he’s comforting her, it means he likes her more than just a friend. She’s completely delusional. She believes she loves Tyrone and that he would make her happy.”

Does she apologise for coming on to him?
“She posts a present for Ruby through Tyrone’s letterbox by way of saying sorry. She sends a text afterwards but because Tyrone doesn’t have her new pay-as-you-go number, he automatically thinks it’s from Kirsty and is horrified. Maria doesn’t correct him.”

Why not?
“Tyrone’s terrified reaction means he leans on Maria for comfort. He doesn’t feel he can confide in Fiz so he turns to Maria. It’s twisted, but Maria feels wanted by Tyrone and finds it difficult to stop pretending to be Kirsty.”

How does David work out what’s going on?
“He answers Maria’s mobile and hears Fiz shouting that Kirsty’s a twisted cow. Maria’s embarrassed and upset when David confronts her. He urges her to come clean about everything, but then Tyrone again turns to Maria so she sends another text. She knows it’s wrong but she can’t help herself. She’s in a very bad way mentally…”


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