Coronation Street’s Samia Ghadie: ‘Maria is devastated by Marcus’s betrayal’

Coronation Street’s Samia Ghadie tells Soaplife about Maria’s horror when she catches Marcus and Todd in the act…

Did Maria really have any suspicions about Todd and Marcus?
“No. She felt sorry for Todd and saw nothing sinister in his behaviour. She failed to see how much he’s been sniffing round Marcus. Marcus has constantly reassured Maria that she’s enough for him so she’s put any worries about his sexuality to the back of her mind. But they’ve been doomed from the start. Ultimately, Marcus is gay and there was always a danger this would happen.”

How does Maria discover Marcus with Todd?
“She goes with Audrey to meet Marcus at a show home and they literally catch Todd and Marcus in a compromising situation! It’s horrendous. Maria is completely stunned and it’s almost like it’s not happening. She just turns around and walks out. She’s devastated. Audrey whisks Maria away. Marcus follows them and tries to speak to Maria, but she loses it and lashes out at him.”

And she dumps him. Does she mean it?
“Yes – it’s not just a knee-jerk reaction. Maria’s worst fears have been realised and she can’t get past that. He’s done the one thing she was most scared of. Maria spent so much time defending their relationship and he’s betrayed her.”

And Todd?
“Maria wants to kill him. She is fuming with them both. She sees them in the Street together and presumes they are now an item. That’s another kick in the teeth.”

Does Maria still love Marcus?
“It’s so hard. She loved him so much and can’t just stop loving him – but she hates him, too.”

Then she falls out with Fiz. Why?
“Maria finds out Fiz had suspicions about Marcus and Todd, and is furious Fiz never said anything. Maria is angry at the world and feels as though everyone is laughing at her. She tells Fiz she doesn’t need enemies with friends like her.”

Is Maria going to fall apart?
“She’s heading for some sort of breakdown and there’ll be some unexpected behaviour from her. It’s one betrayal too far, so all of her past tragedies will come to a head. She’s got no trust in anyone any more. Marcus has shattered her dreams completely.”


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