Coronation Street star Beverley Callard reveals how many tattoos she has

The ITV soap star says her latest inking was inspired by her husband

Beverley Callard has said she thinks her late mother would disapprove of how many tattoos she has.

The Coronation Street actress, known for her role as Liz McDonald, has five inkings.

The 61-year-old told the Sunday Mirror’s Notebook magazine: “I love them. I have five now.

“My latest are words that Jon (her husband) uses when I’m having a dip. He always says, ‘We will get over this. We simply adapt and overcome’.

“So I had ‘adapt’ and ‘overcome’ tattooed on my leg. If my mother was alive, she’d be disgusted.

“I had my first when I was 40 and my mum saw it and said, ‘My God, Beverley. You’ll never grow up, will you?’.”

Beverley has spoken openly about her struggles with mental health and depression and took a two-month break from the ITV soap in 2016 when she collapsed on set.

Talking about the public support she has received, she told Notebook: “I’ve been so public about my battle, I want to chip away at the stigma. It’s just like any other illness, but they can’t cut this one away. With mental health, it’s different for everyone. There isn’t one cure for all.”

My Man Jon and my baby Madge! After a hard day decorating xxx

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She says Jon, who she married in 2010, is her soulmate as she joked about having had “a lot of practice”.

She said: “I’ve been married four times. I was that woman who didn’t just bed them, I married them. I was terrible.

“I’ve only had six boyfriends in my life, but four of them I married. How stupid is that?”