Coronation Street star Paula Lane: ‘I won’t be taking any tips on motherhood from Kylie!’

Pregnant Paula Lane talks babies, motherhood and her Coronation Street character Kylie with Soaplife…

Are you looking forward to motherhood in real life?
“It’s very exciting. I’ve been in full-blown nesting mode recently. The baby’s due mid-December and he or she is going to change everything. Ben [Price, who plays Nick], for instance, has taken great delight in telling me I’ll never sleep again!”

Has it been good being pregnant at the same time as Coronation Street co-stars Jennie McAlpine and Catherine Tydlesley?
“Yes. We’re good friends. Jen’s about four weeks ahead of me, I’m in the middle and Cath is following. There’s also a girl in the office who’s pregnant. There must be something in the water at Corrie!”

The wardrobe department have disguised your baby bump well!
“It’s amazing what baggy tops can do! It’s also lucky that, apart from the bumpety bump, I’ve stayed about the same shape. Patterns and a big handbag also work wonders at hiding things. Plus, there’s the magic of TV. You often see me standing behind a fruit bowl or teapot.”

Will you be on maternity leave for long?
“Hopefully, I’ll be back in March. I’ve chosen not to take loads of time off. I have a very good support network and all the arrangements are falling into place.”

Are you anything like Kylie?
“I guess I’m quite feisty, but I’m quite sensitive, too, and I’d cry at the drop of a hat if I got into an argument with anyone. I’d never have fights like she does and I won’t be taking any tips on motherhood from her.”

You don’t really do ‘celebrity stuff’… Is that deliberate?
“Yeah, it is. My gut instinct has also always been to guard my privacy. I think you need to keep a part of yourself to yourself. You do make mistakes; I might have done the odd photo shoot and thought ‘What was I thinking when I did that?’ But you learn by your mistakes.”

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