Coronation Street star Paula Lane on her real-life pregnancy

Pregnant Coronation Street star Paula Lane tells TV Times magazine about filming her dramatic exit…

Hi Paula! How’s it been filming while you’re six months pregnant?
“The scenes I am filming at the moment are full on, which is why I am the only one who comes into work and gets given dark circles and greasy hair!”

Last week, Kylie took one of Max’s ADHD pills to ease her stress as she struggled to juggle work with the kids…
“Kylie has been an addict, so the medication feeds her demons. There is going to be a big shift. She has had some really bad times on the Street and this is the darkest place she has ever found herself in.”

Has it been difficult hiding your bump as Kylie?
“You can cheat with patterns and a big handbag. I am lucky, I am six months pregnant, but I have stayed a similar shape.”

How are you coping with such a heavy filming schedule?
“I’m lucky as they have been great here. I am tired and they said “You must let us know if it is too much” and I am like “No, you are not taking this off me!” To be pregnant and doing something like this gives me a kick. I feel like I have gone on this journey with my little pal.”

Have there been any difficult moments?
“I did feel a bit sick in the first trimester, but pregnancy is odd. When people know and can be sympathetic, your symptoms start, but when people don’t know, something kicks in. Nobody guessed I was expecting and I’ve been able to share my experience with Jennie McAlpine who is four weeks ahead of me and Cath Tyldesley who is following.”

What’s so great about working on Coronation Street?
“I do love it here. I couldn’t be any closer to Jack, Ben Price and Helen Worth – we are the exclusive Team Platt Club. When Helen got back from holiday after two weeks away, we had a cuddle and it was like seeing my own mum again. Jack and I are like best friends and Ben has been telling me horror story after horror story about what it’s like having children. Everyone is giving me lots of advice – some of it I take on, other bits I don’t!”

What was it like revealing your pregnancy?
“I was really terrified of telling Stuart Blackburn that I was pregnant. I couldn’t bring myself to say it at first and I think he thought I wanted to leave. He said: ‘It’s great, we’ll sort it out’ and this light bulb went ding! It is going to be a traumatic exit for Kylie. It has to be.”

You’re leaving the show at Christmas. Are you going to be coming back?
“I am hoping to come back in March. I am not having a lot of time off and that is my personal choice. I have a very good support network so I will be making arrangements that will allow me to come back and get my feet back on the Street. This is my third big Christmas episode and as long as I am not in hospital hanging onto the wall, I’ll be watching it.”

Do you have any plans to leave the soap permanently?
“I do have a time span in my head, but that could change. My baby is going to change me and the way that I feel, so I have to be realistic about that. I feel so rewarded to be in this job, but I would also love to do a Doctor Who or a sci-fi show. Acting is a big passion, so I can’t deny that I have aspirations to do other things.”

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