Coronation Street star reveals SHOCK way he wants to be written out

…And it’s not pretty

Coronation Street actor Chris Gascoyne has revealed how he wants to be written out of the soap – and it’s a lot grittier than jumping in a cab and moving away from Weatherfield.

Peter Barlow in Coronation Street

The 50 year old star, who has played Peter on and off since 2000, says he wants his alcoholic character to drink himself to death, believing it would be a “brilliant” storyline to play out.

Chris tells us: “If they said to me next year: ‘We’re going to write Peter out’ or I say ‘I’ve had enough’ then I think that’s the story that we’d have to do, where he basically drinks himself to death. I don’t think it would be a very nice storyline, but I think it would be brilliant, and I don’t think it has been done before.

“Over two years, something tragic happens, really tragic. He’s already fallen off the wagon twice, where he’s nearly died, and they always say there’s only three. I don’t think he’s got another one in him to recover from it.

“If the damage is bad enough, he would drink himself into oblivion, which would be a brilliant storyline to play out. If they said “We need to move on” or I wanted to go “Right, it’s finished now for good”, I’d like to do that because it ties the whole thing up.”

But fans of Peter needn’t worry – because Chris reveals he has no intention of going anywhere just yet.

“I’m not wanting to leave at all,” he insists. “I love it at the moment. I’ve had a brilliant two and half years back.

“I’m not saying that I’m chucking it in. It could be five or ten years time, but that’s how I would like to play that story out. If they say ‘We’ll do it over two years and then you’ll be brown bread’ then right, ok. Otherwise do you stay here for ever? What do you do?’”

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