Coronation Street unveils brand new Victoria Street set extension including memorial to victims of Manchester attack

“Wider weatherfield” will be seen on screen for the first time in April

Coronation Street today revealed Victoria Street, the new extended exterior set on the ITV soap – which includes a memorial to the victims of last year’s Manchester Arena bomb.

ITV announced that at the heart of the extension is a specially-commissioned, mosaic covered, memorial bench which will have pride of place in the urban garden in memory of Coronation Street superfan Martyn Hett, and all those who lost their lives in the Manchester Arena bomb in May 2017.

Martyn Hett memorial Coronation Street set extension

Martyn’s family, who were present at today’s unveiling, were the first people to see the new set last week. Coronation Street stars were among those who attended Martyn’s funeral in June last year.

The new set includes shops, a police station and Weatherfield North tram stop.

In a nod to the show’s long history, the road on the new set is made from cobbles and viewers will at last be able to see the area surrounding the famous terraced houses and the Rovers which previously only existed in their imagination.

Corrie stars cut the ribbon on the new set

“Wider Weatherfield” will be seen on screen for the first time on Friday 20th April. The whole area has been aged to look as though it has been there for as long as Coronation Street and Rosamund Street.

Dolly-Rose Campbell, who plays Gemma, gave a guided tour of the new Victoria set on twitter, describing it as “very exciting”. She showed off the new police station, quipping: “Gemma is no stranger to the police.”

Weatherfield Police Station

Will Gemma be off to Weatherfield police station?

Kate Oates, Series Producer, said: “The Victoria Street extension represents an exciting chapter in Corrie history: an amazing new stage, full of dramatic potential. Our amazingly talented design team have created everything from scratch – but it still manages to have the feeling of always having been there, just around the corner.”