Coronation Street: Will Paul stay silent?

Coronation Street’s Paul demands that Leanne pay for his silence or they’re going to jail, says actor Tom Hudson!

Why isn’t Paul happy when the insurance company agree to pay up?

“He didn’t burn down Valandro’s for the money. He did it because he’s besotted with Leanne and thought she felt the same way. He was gutted to find out she was just using him.”

So, doesn’t he want his half?

“He tells her it’s no consolation for being made to look an idiot by her and Dan and, when she virtually tells him to get over it, he wants revenge.”

What’s he got in mind?

“He says he wants her share of the money too. He reckons he committed the crime so he deserves it all. And he gives her an ultimatum – all the money or he goes to the police!”

But he’d end up in trouble too…

“Right now he’s not thinking like that. Leanne really hurt him and he can’t bear to see her and Dan reaping the rewards of his crime.”

Hasn’t he even considered that he will probably end up in jail?

“That’s Paul’s biggest problem – he never thinks about the consequences of his actions. He’s also very big on bravado. He makes out he’s tough but he’s as afraid of the hangman’s noose as the next person.”

So does Leanne give him his hush money?

“Not Leanne! She tries to talk him round and then Dan puts his oar in saying Leanne never loved Paul and that he’s just making empty threats.”

Only he isn’t right?

“Not after that! He takes out his phone right then and there in front of them and tells the police he’d like to confess to arson and offer the names of his co-conspirators.”

Does Leanne end up charged too?

“She tells the police Paul did it on his own as revenge because she wouldn’t return his affections and Dan gives her an alibi for the night.”

Which means she gets away with it and Paul doesn’t…

“As far as the arson goes, yes. But the insurers cancel the cheque and she furiously confronts Paul and tells him he’s won. She won’t get a penny.”

Does that make him feel good?

“He reckons it’s what she deserves. When she asks him why he did it he tells her that she took his dreams away and he wanted to do the same to her.”

How does Jack react to finding out about it all?

“Paul confesses everything to him but he’s disgusted. He tells Paul he’s bitterly disappointed… that he hoped Paul would never turn into his dad Terry…”

You’re leaving soon. Is this your exit storyline?

“Yes it is.”

Will Paul go to prison or might he really follow in his dad’s footsteps and do a runner?

“Let’s just say I wouldn’t put anything past him any more!”

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