Coronation Street’s Alison King: ‘Carla doesn’t want a baby!’

Coronation Street’s Alison King reveals to Soaplife that Carla’s never been interested in having children – so she’s not cracking open non-alcoholic fizz when she thinks she could be pregnant…

So, Carla doesn’t want Peter’s baby?
“She can’t get her head around the idea. This is all a shock to her because she believes she doesn’t want a baby. She’s torn over telling Peter because she thinks he’ll want her to have it.”

Would that be so bad?
“I think Carla doubts her ability to be a mother. She feels her own mother failed her and she’ll be the same. Carla knows what she’s good at – business – and that’s as much as she can see. It’s nothing to do with her love for Peter.”

Does Michelle have any advice for her?
“She confides in Michelle, who tells her to do a test to begin with and then go from there. Michelle thinks Carla should tell Peter because he has a right to be in on it every step of the way.”

So does she do a test?
“Her stepfather dies suddenly and she uses that as another excuse to put it off. Her emotions are all over the place. She’s burying her head in the sand and she knows it.”

Would she consider a termination if she is pregnant?
“I think so. Being pregnant isn’t part of her plan – she just doesn’t think she would be up for the job.”

Does she suspect Peter is playing away?
“No! He’s the love of her life and she trusts him! She would be absolutely devastated if she found out.”


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