Coronation Street’s Alison King: ‘It’s over, Peter’

Alison King reveals to Soaplife that Peter is desperate to win Carla back in Coronation Street – but she’s just as desperate to be rid of him…

Having shopped baby brother Rob to the police for being Tina’s killer, Carla’s emotions are all over the place – something her estranged husband is hoping to take advantage of. “Peter thinks she shopped Rob for his sake and tries to convince her to give their marriage another go,” says Alison. But she’s not that emotionally disturbed…

So, did Carla do what she did because she loves Peter (Chris Gascoyne)?
“No. It was about justice. Dobbing her brother into the police was horrendous, she’s numb with the shock of it and she only made the decision at the last possible moment. The only Barlow males who were in her thoughts were Ken and Simon. It was only really when she saw Ken [Bill Roache] without his son and Simon without his dad that she knew she had no choice.”

But does she still have feelings for Peter?
“Somewhere deep down she’ll always love Peter, but there’s no way she’ll let him hurt her again. It’s because of him and his actions that she lost her baby and now she’s lost her brother. Somehow she’s managed to scrape herself off the floor in the aftermath and she’s never going to let her barriers with him down again.”

Not even when he begs?
“No. She says he’s been in his prison cell, conjuring up all these fantasies about them getting back together, but it’s not going to happen. It’s over.

Does Peter accept it?
“He has to. Her main concern now is Simon. Carla’s love for him has grown and she feels a responsibility for him to be happy. It’s taken a long time for them to trust each other, but they have finally forged a bond. Whatever Peter decides to do, Carla will do all she can to help Simon.”

How will Carla manage to move on?
“She’ll draw strength from her friends – Michelle [Kym Marsh] and also Roy [David Nielson] – and put all her energies into Underworld. As a result, the business will really start to prosper and she’ll begin to feel strong again. She’ll need to be strong to deal with Tracy, who totally blames Carla for ruining her life with Rob. Expect some major flare-ups between them.”

Is Carla planning to steer clear of men for a while?
“Absolutely and do you blame her? She’s not on the look-out for a man whatsoever!”

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