Coronation Street’s Ben Price says Nick aims to hurt Leanne as much as he’s hurting

Coronation Street’s Ben Price reveals to Soaplife that Nick’s dirty tricks in his divorce battle with Leanne are about to get a lot dirtier – and a lot more dramatic

Nick’s a man on a mission – a hate mission. He’s declared war on his ex-wife, Leanne and is picking fights with Gail’s new man, Michael. We haven’t seen the worst of him yet, either… “Nick’s determined to force Leanne to agree to a quick divorce so he won’t have to go to court. To do this, he has to make out he’s under enormous stress already so he resorts to drastic and, very underhand, measures,” Ben tells Soaplife.

Why is Nick being so nasty to Leanne (Jane Danson)?
“Because he was madly in love with her and she’s run off with Kal [Jimi Mistry], the bloke who rehabilitated him. That’s a bit of a signpost to show Nick he’s not the guy he was before the accident. It’s all pretty gutting for him.”

Doesn’t he love Leanne any more?
“There’s a fine line between love and hate. He did want her back. But now he’s realised she’s not coming back, he wants her to hurt as much as he’s hurting.”

So what does he do to her?
“You’ll have to wait and see, but he’s dishonest and tries to get sympathy from everyone, including Leanne. He doesn’t just do it once, either. He sees it’s successful first time round so he decides to push it.”

The old Nick would never have done anything like that. . .
“This is the way Nick is since the accident that almost killed him. Even when he’s not on the edge, he’s just more unpleasant and impatient now – certainly with Leanne, his brother and his mum. When people are doing his head in, he just wants to shut them up.”

And why has he got it in for Michael (Les Dennis)? 
“He’s sick of Gail [Helen Worth] picking men with broken wings, who she thinks she can help. Plus, Michael tried to burgle her house! Nick thinks, ‘What type of man is this?’”

Can anyone get through to him?
“His gran, Audrey [Sue Nicholls], is the only person who can say, ‘Nick, this is what you’re being like and it won’t end well’. She’s the only person he doesn’t lose it with. Maybe there’ll come a point when he starts taking notice of her. But not yet.”

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